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Spring/ Summer 2014 Trends




This spring/summer trends are to die for! From geometric prints to iridescence clothes or accessories, these season is sure to be lively and fun. My top 6 favorite trends are the athletic inspired wear, the full skirts which define your shape from the waist and gives you a classy tea party feel, geometric prints, iridescent wear, sweatshirts, and a nice suit. Don’t be afraid to be bold this season. Find a crazy printed suit and let it scream you to the world. Dare to be different!

Check out more trends at InStyle or click the link below,,20720151_20749547_30042441,00.html


Style Instinct

Style Instinct

Anyone can wear the latest designs they say on the runway or what is already styled for you on a mannequin in the stores but I believe true style comes from your instinct. True style is when you can wear things that are from years ago and make it the new thing without a designers say so. Dare to be different and spontaneous. Have fun with your clothes. Let your clothes tell a new story every day.